A Tutorial on Phenibut – The Best Nootropic

By Dr. Tommy Chang

Ah, phenibut – we’re seeing it increase in popularity, especially in the U.S.

Since I’m a doctor, I believe I am extremely qualified to comment on the topic so be prepared to learn a lot here.

Knowing I have a tool by my side to help combat anxiety when I really need it is definitely comforting.

The improved sense of well being is certainly great.

Phenibut is one of the best nutritional supplements to put you in a clean and focused mind frame.

I will explain why I recommend them in my guide and how phenibut has made a big positive impact in my life.

Hopefully it doesn’t go the way of kratom (another popular supplement), where it becomes a schedule 1, banned drug by the FDA!

While this guide is pretty thorough, you can learn more on details on how to take phenibut, here.

The Effects You Can Expect from Phenibut

It it almost has a “background effect”, – albeit a very powerful one.

Here’s what to expect from Phenibut.

Instead of feeling different, you just are different (but not in any extreme ways).  There is a great overwhelming sense of well being. Here are some of the effects and uses:

  • Music – sounds incredible
  • Puts you in the zone-whether you’re making a presentation, socializing, or playing sports
  • Combat Alcoholism (on the other end it also potentates it, 1 beer feels like 3)
  • Relaxed
  • An Increased libido– especially for women
  • Reduces Tension
  • Combat Depression
  • Sense of well being
  • Improved cognitive function (creativity, memory, motivation)
  • Reduction of anxiety and nervousness
  • Improved mood (shown to increase dopamine levels)

Clearly phenibut is highly coveted and desired by just about anyone!

Yeah yeah – so can you explain to me what exactly is phenibut?

This GABA-B receptor is also responsible for sedative qualities in GHB, that’s why phenibut has potential use for a sleep aid (only with large doses). Other than the sedative similarities, phenibut is not nearly as powerful as GHB, since it doesn’t bind to the GHB receptor.

This results in somewhat similar effects, except you become much more motivated with phenibut (while maintaing a clear and sober mind).

Phenibut, discovered by the Soviet Union in the 1960’s, is a GABA agonist that crosses the blood brain barrier. Unlike other GABA agonists (alcohol and benzodiazepines), phenibut primarily binds to the GABA-B receptor (instead of GABA-A).

Some other effects to understand about phenibut.

Tolerance from phenibut increases rapidly-I find it works great by taking it Saturday + Sunday, which it then gives me 5 days for my receptors to “reset”.

There is some potential for addiction and dependency.

As for dependence, if you abuse phenibut by taking it too frequently or continual large doses, you will become dependent on it. Don’t be stupid as withdrawals are known to really suck. Phenibut can be a very useful tool in your life to excel you over common obstacles like anxiety & fear.

Fortunately after a few years experience with phenibut, I did not find the addiction potential to be any more of a risk than that of alcohol.  It’s something that I enjoy, but feel no need or cravings at all to ever take it more than 2, sometimes 3 times per week.

I highly recommend to not go above the 2x/week usage guideline.  Some guys claim they can take 3-4x/week, but I think its best to play it on the safe side.

If you don’t remember these – don’t use phenibut.

Here are some important notes to memorize when you integrate phenibut into your lifestyle.

  • For me it lasts basically the whole day, with a bit of a diminished after 12 hours
  • If you don’t take it properly, there’s a chance you may not notice much of any effect at all.
  • Always take it on an empty stomach (first thing in the morning or 2-3 hours after you last ate).
  • I find it takes 5+ hours to start working, others say they notice it within just a couple.
  • It may take longer to start working if you take it later in the day (after you’ve ate that day)

How to Take Phenibut – A Step-by-Step Process

  1. The first thing you want to do is: measure 500mg of phenibut
    Personally, 1 gram work best for me (1000mg), but the actual recommended dosage guidelines is around 500mg. Even though you may need more, it’s always a good and safe idea to start lower and go from there. “Power” phenibut users use 750mg doses on a regular basis.
  2. Take it with a stimulant like coffee – good for morning doses.
    You can mix it with an ounce or two of water, then chase it with a sip or two of whatever drink you like to cut the sour taste out.
    I find the best stimulant to drink along with it is a full cup of coffee. Although energy drinks work well too. Phenibut helps cut out any jittery effects commonly expected with stimulants
  3. Let it absorb into your bloodstream by waiting a full hour before consuming anything.

So there you have it!

A phenibut guide for the beginner.

I’ll try to keep you guys posted on whether phenibut is under scrutiny by the FDA.

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