Penis Extenders or Phalloplasty – Which is Better?

Written by Dr. Tommy Chang

What’s penis enlargement operation?

Penis enlargement surgeries are any medical procedure that plans to unnaturally enlargen the member.

There are lots of processes which are categorized by penis enlargement operation, and here are some, simply to list a few:

Glanular improvement – Making the penis glans (mushroom point) bigger.

Silicone shots – For raising girth, much like silicone breast implants.

For raising the size of specific penile ligaments to target a span increase.

Sadly, penis enlargement surgical procedures are a few of the very dangerous ones out there.

Even this study doesn’t quite approve of the methods.

A number of the dangers of penis enlargement operation include, but aren’t restricted to:

Amputation – really losing dick size as a result of tissues becoming damaged.

Urinary illnesses and dysfunction – physiological malfunctions and disorders related to the passing of pee.


Mortality rates and the genuine achievement rates are determined by the physician-surgeon you are going with. But let us next have a look at some achievement rate amounts that are printed.

The achievement rates of penis enlargement operation

The price of penis enlargement operation

The advantages of penis enlargement operation

The verdict

The dangers of penis enlargement operation are high, to be as subjective as possible, as well as the gains vary from nonexistent to borderline.

It is normally reserved for life threatening circumstances like cancer, heart failure, and freak accidents like car crashes.

Sadly, all the hazards of operation from these disorders that are classic carry over to penis enlargement operation, which intends to address something non life threatening, but rather just decorative.

Guys get so hysterical about dick size they believe that there is no other choice besides operation.

Fortunately there’s one: penis extenders.

Do penis extenders differ?

Luckily, there is a more appealing alternative: penis extenders.

That link only above is a wonderful crash course into what they are all about, although we will not talk about them much here.

They can be proven to work, not to mention and there are many testimonials urging their effectiveness.

Certainly, they may be quite practical to utilize in a day-to-day routine that is simple – likely simpler than brushing your teeth two times a day and flossing at least one time a day.

No, I did not work on penis extenders, or anything member connected, but instead, high-positions heart monitoring apparatus at UCLA.

We’d investors, advisors, attorneys, the whole 9-yards.

UCLA Health emblem
In other words, the physicians were looking for more medical treatment options which were noninvasive.

No cutting or opening of the entire body to run the treatment necessary.

That means physicians need and never needing to call the surgeon apparatus that may diagnose and treat patients.

This means more economical, safer, and more-frequently (with new, witty engineering) – more powerful alternatives.

Dick extender apparatus are an immediate outcome of the routine.

Who can actually fork over a huge number of dollars for a penis enlargement operation – just the exceptionally rich or the poor-but- ones that are distressed.

Sadly, that is not a whole lot of folks, I can ensure you that.

Member extenders provide a secure, practical penis enlargement technique that’s readily accessible (and affordable) by most guys.

They are straightforward and uncomplicated to use – yet, you wish to be sure you get specific things right when purchasing them.

In Conclusion

Finally, it is up to you. We are here to only train you on the realities of the issue of penis extenders versus penis enlargement operation.

I am certain you can agree that advantages and the threats for operation aren’t overly smart.

Yet, the same as the paradigms we have found with the physicians I Have worked with at UCLA to on revolutionize heart observation, you can really be assured they’d approve of something noninvasive like a dick extender over operation, any day.

The sole time they’d need to offer operation is if they were exceptionally confident with their abilities and also they can supply that service for a substantial fee to you.

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